Configuring a Subscription for an Offline License

Subscription (modern) licenses are required to communicate with the Windward License server. Only PRO (per server/core) annual subscription licenses can be configured to work offline (no communication with the Windward License Server)

Advantages of an offline license#

  • No communication to an external service from your system is necessary to process templates through a Windward Engine. Some highly security sensitive industries disallow this type of communication.
  • Zero time incurred for communication overhead
  • Zero data transferred out of your network
  • Zero reliance on an external service for document generation

For more detailed information, please read about the Windward License Server.

Disadvantages of an offline license#

  • The License keys for every Report Engine and Report Designer host machine must be updated every year
  • Updating offline license keys is a manual process
  • Only PRO annual licenses can be requested to be offline
  • The name of every host machine must be known and registered with the offline license key. This is not failover friendly and will not work in most managed/auto-scaled environments.

Instructions for Setting Up Offline Licenses#

Before setting up Offline Licensing, you must make a support request to Windward. To submit a ticket please send an email to or visit our support site here.

  1. Retrieve machine name for every machine that will host either a Windward Engine or Windward Designer instance.
  2. If you have not already done so, submit a Support request to set up one of your Pro Engine subscriptions for offline licensing.
  3. In the Windward Store, open the subscription you requested to set up for offline licensing.
  4. Enter the hostname + DNS suffix in the "Engine Hosts" field for each server on which you wish to run the Report Engine offline.
  5. Enter the hostname + DNS suffix in the "Designer Hosts" field for all the servers on which you wish to run Report Designer offline. You must enter as many hostnames as you have Designer licenses associated with the subscription.
  6. Click "Enable Offline"
  7. A new license key is generated. Enter this license key for every Windward Engine or Windward Designer.